Affordable web site design

Inexpensive Web Design for small and medium sized businesses: Restaurants, Shops, Offices, Personal webs, etc.
Starting at   $49.99  /page
Now just $39.99/page ! (minimum order $99)
Goal: To create visitor friendly web sites that hold good rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines for optimal business promotions.
1. You can choose from hundreds of web pages templates – we will customize, or create your own personal style.
2. If you don’t have domain name and/or hosting service, we will help you to obtain them (domain name/hosting cost is not included in our price).
More about domain names and hosting services can be found: BestWebHosting4SOHO.
3. We design your site.
4. After your approval, we make your web site alive and accessible for visitors.
5. We will register your web site on Google, Yahoo, MSN search engines.
Other services:
- Registration in Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local, etc.
- Database driven web sites (MySQL/PHP)
- E-Commerce setup
- Message Board (Forum) setup
- WordPress setup
- And more
We design using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Flash, Java script 
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